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 Theam Pavilion

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PostSubject: Theam Pavilion   Theam Pavilion Icon_minitimeThu Aug 05, 2010 1:08 am

Expo 2010 will have five theme pavilions, namely, Urbanian, City Being, Urban Planet, Footprint and Future. The first three are housed in the Theme Pavilion in Zone B where the building’s design is inspired by the “paper folding” technique, making it one of the landmarks at the Expo. During the period of Expo, a wide range of events and ceremonies will be held in the building's three squares. The other two pavilions, Footprint and Future, are located in two modified industrial buildings in Zone D and Zone E respectively; they represent a fascinating mix of tradition and modernity.FF14 Power leveling

Pavilion of Urban Planet
The pavilion is located in the Theme Pavilion building in Zone B. The top of two parallel spiral ramps offers a good view of a 32-meter-diameter globe. Its five sections including "Blue Planet" and "The Only Planet We Have" tell how the development, sometimes overdevelopment, of cities produces ecological problems, and how people awaken to urbanization and environmental challenges. Visitors come to understand cities as a source of both problems and solutions

Urbanian Pavilion
Urbanian Pavilion, focusing on the needs and development of people, tells the stories of people in cities. In its five sections, "Family," "Work," "Contact," "Learning" and "Health," visitors will see the videos of six real families from six cities of five continents. Together with the exhibits, settings and multimedia installations, the sight of 11 cities are racily showed. Visitors will have a vivid view of city dwellers' life and it is the pursuiting of a better life that draws people to urban areas.Cheap FF14 Gil

In the Family section, the mirrors mounted from floor to ceiling create 3-dimension pictures, as if providing visitors a window through which they can observe the lives of the six families. A gigantic machine, metaphorized as "factory, stock exchange and clock" is installed in the Work section. Screens of varying sizes are mounted on it to demonstrate how people work in different cities. The Contact section uses a full-dome screen to create a 360-degree projection to show the social life of different family membersFFXIV Power leveling. The Learning section creates a circumstance resembling the traditional classroom and library, and shows the learning experiences of family members and the educational and cultural facilities in cities. The Health section shows the videos and other data concerning the health of family members and creates an environment that is clean, fresh and healthy.

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Theam Pavilion
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