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 He has been numb

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He has been numb  Empty
PostSubject: He has been numb    He has been numb  Icon_minitimeFri Aug 06, 2010 12:52 am

Year-old past, did not say, is nothing but naughty and naive.
13, four, began to have a good impression on the girls, but then he is far away from the girls, and girls to hate itself, for fear of ridicule by their peers. FF14 Gil

15 years old, I heard people saying that so large a man to spend, the girlfriend broke up, the girl committed suicide. He finds that people are really vicious, their future must be a lovestruck man must love no one.
16 years old, he liked a girl they liked each other, is still as usual, dirty in the dust flying in the playground to play, but he is very happy. There are other girls in love with the him, but his departure is very much a girl, his heart which only his girl, he felt that other girls are looking for her infidelity.
17 years old, secondary school graduate. Finally a girl you like, respectively, on the train to school, feeling more and more distant from her own heart the same as being hollowed. Still want to own will not forget her, wait until after their success must go to her.
18 years old, her reply told him that he had a boyfriend. So he secretly cried all night.
19 years old, he began to fall, making friends. Dress fashion and cool, and gradually learning the words to please the girls. Found that other people can do their own too. He learned to speak dirty joke, and to see a girl next to blush for fun.
2-year-old, he suddenly found himself becoming very capable of tracking of girls, but without the capacity to love. So he wrote in his QQ on the following words, in fact, every boy who would want to be a specific feeling good man.
In fact, each boy, the girls are to see the face of this view, not the chest.
In fact, each boy who would not tell dirty jokesFFXIV Gil

In fact, each boy would have been eager to love a person until forever.
Only, no girls love this boy, they think this boy is too naive, Pacific plate, no fun.
So the boy began to change and become like the kind of girl mouth hung nasty cynical laughter or humor, learn to sweet talk rather than the heart wanted to say, learn to pretend to care about and learn to send trinkets girls learn how to please her pursuit of how to make loveBuy FF14 Gil. .
Or disillusioned, the game fair in love and become the kind of man a woman bitterly that they can easily capture the hearts of girls, but they will be in the dark of the night smoking his tears.
Mind when there is love, not girls have girls, but never the feeling of love in the world to hear women complain about not a good man, he would not go to do good man, just smiled and brushed.

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He has been numb
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