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 Please remember I need you

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PostSubject: Please remember I need you   Please remember I need you Icon_minitimeMon Aug 09, 2010 12:39 am

They are buying computer knowledge. Two candidates in the same brand with a machine that only has a stockroom, he hesitated, then take the initiative to say, I want to prototype.
She was a girl, he thought to her, this is should be.
Did not think she was embarrassed them, insist that new one to him, she pulls a style, explained that you and I both like the same paragraphFFXIV Power leveling to state my view not correct, you need to change. He asked, puzzled, how? She smiled, this section shows that the machine is too masculine, I should pick one other color gentle, for example, white, or blue.
He laughed, that she is an interesting girl, the idea would be so cute.
She really insisted pick a white, machine packing, proficient in computers, he naturally gave her some suggestions on the new machines, and some attention to conservation issues.
She attentively listened to and winks that I really was computer illiterate, in addition to typing on the computer, explore other avenues, before the point of that old computer out of any trouble, all to find people to repair, as, today, I you a meal, after what things to ask you well? Maintenance personnel to find too much trouble.
He one will answer, but insisted she could, at any rate, she liked him for that machine out.
She did not insist. Very naturally, even if two people did know, eat a meal, leave the phone.
She really is a computer illiterate, as she said, in addition to typing, the other ignorant, simple processing document format, have a telephone call asking him not to mention other faults.
He began again to help her deal with computer problems arise, antivirus, update anti-virus software, install some of the procedures used for her ... ...
Gradually to mature, and he found her computer knowledge though poor, are very intelligent, especially rich in geographical knowledge, enumerating a camel can say all parts of the country's characteristics. And he frequently travel, nature, they often asked her for advice.
A pair of young men and women, in such exchanges, the love which is very vulnerable and easily to the inevitable question him, so that love, real? Reliable?
Day, and he has to travel, as a temporary decision, and take only enough time to tell her before. Beat her cell phone, no one answered, repeatedly beating, still only a ring tone melody alone the screws. Such a moment, he hit her phone unit.
The girl answered the phone sounds good to hear, oh, look Roujia Yeah, she went to debug the computer division of the New ... ... cell phone did not take it, I'll probably come back ... ...
Suspicion that he himself got it wrong, and she? Debug a computer? Not help muttering, she understand?
Phone girl laugh, you are not and Roujia unfamiliar ah? Certainly not familiar with! She's outstanding student computer science, computer experts of our company, she would not understand ... ...
Laughing at the other endCheap FF14 Gil

of the girls to uphold, he had hung foolishly on the phone. So long, she was, if you like, innocent and transparent eyes, makes no secret of the ingredients, what to ask him questions, and then would say, you're amazing! Without you, I can be big trouble ... ...
The original, are false.
Car has to be opened, or the various twists and turns of his mind was kept, but I do not know how, and no embarrassment cheated, not even a little to angry, but rather, can not tell Road, unknown to soft thoughts slowly in my heart as they watch .
He is not a stupid man, how could distinguish between her lies, but sake of the close of each other. Just want him to feel, let him know, she really needs him. While he does it not, to any place, have an open mind to her for advice all the local customs, culture,FF14 Power leveling
... ... the same as if he really did not understand. When she's happy about, he never told her he did not lose her geographical knowledge. But because of her happiness, his happiness camouflage also followed up.
Let each other know "I need you", this time, the world, love, will be endless.

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Please remember I need you
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