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PostSubject: About Love de   About Love de Icon_minitimeMon Aug 09, 2010 9:51 pm

If you do not love a person, please let go, so that other people have the opportunity to love her. If you loved abandoned you, please open their ownFFXIV Gil, so they have opportunities to love others. Some things you will not fall again like you, then stick to some things that you are destined to give up in life there are many kinds of love, but do not let love become an injury. Some of fate is doomed to lose, there will be some fate is never a good result, do not have to love a person has, but with one person have to pull to love him.
A man cried because he really loved; woman cry, because she really gave up.
If good faith is a kind of harm, I chose to lie; if a lie is an injury, I chose the silent; if silence is a kind of harm, I chose to leave.
If the loss is hard, you are afraid to pay.
If the confusion is bitter, you will not choose to end.
If the pursuit is bitter, you will not choose to come to their senses.
If the separation is hard, to whom you talk.
Good thing is later see clearly, a lot of things at that time do not feel bitter, but I can not find the way to the time.
There is a love that, even love, nothing.
There is a love, obviously want to give up, they can not give up.
There is a love, which is clearly
Buy FF14 Gil suffering, but the declining time is not open.
There is a love, knowing that without the road. Heart has been retrieved. Decided to give you that moment I cried, my tears that I really love you.
Love is not a game. Love you is true. I can not forget you. Whether we are the perfect solution. What is courage? Is crying for you love me, or let you leave the crying. Men's self-confidence comes from a woman on his worship, women's pride from a man in her admiration.
Never cultivated man you love, you put him in good cultivation, only two results: his people from looking down on you or he stole. Pursuit of one's approach does not require too smart, but leaving the way to be extremely intelligent! ! Why do we always do not know how to treasure the sight of people? In the unpredictable reunion, we think that will always meet again, always destined again will always think that a chance to say I am sorry, but never thought of waving goodbye every time, is likely to be goodbye, every loud sigh is likely to be world Last Sigh.
Perhaps a woman's loneliness is so vulnerable. If a man of my hand, if his finger is hot. Who is he in fact is not important to me. For men, especially, if a woman appeared in his heart, only her body is hot. Maybe love is just as lonely, need to find someone to love, even if there is no end. The wound is to give people a disgrace to uphold the illusion of their own. Woman like me, always a problem in the form of feelings. Only love one person finds himself in a flash. And gradually become selfish. ManyFF14 Gil

people do not need good-bye, because it is just passing through. Forgetting that we give each other the best mark.
Love can be an instant thing, it can be a lifetime thing. Everyone can fall in love at different times to different people. Whoever does not matter who left can not live, let us forget the strong. Were such creatures, look closely, the original is traumatic.
Is loved, each person has different feelings. Seeking dream is often the price we can not afford to. Earthly happiness, is always look better. For the smile that I know of love. Because love him, so leave him. I like this sentence. Some feelings of such a direct and brutal. Not tolerate any twists and turns warm. Leave with warm feelings, the truth is better than the pale pure things die too fast. Feelings of being understood is a happy, waiting to be lonely for a long time did not understand a thing written, and today is a special day, too much heart, too many feelings, write them as they have loved to stay What it the next ... ...

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About Love de
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