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PostSubject: Bold Defeated   Bold Defeated Icon_minitimeFri Aug 13, 2010 1:26 am

Things such as chess, toss-up. Eventually win, must be made that brave people who lost. - Inscription
Defeat on the battlefield have the game in defeat, the next chess move of failure, there is a big mistake to write articles ... ... Life is like a trip, things like clouds, failure so hurry, aloof manner with us. May be defeated by weather, geography, and may also be defeated by the wisdom, will and strength; may be lost in the unexpected, may also be lost in knowing they are impossibleFFXIV Power leveling
. .
So-called "Ever Victorious General", "invincible", but is an illusion own or someone else's words of praise. In addition to the Buddha, if they visit me, no one handling this other world of sun and moon Dafa. There is a saying "One careless move, lose the whole game." Unexpected outbreak, in fact, even if you close the mouths are cautious, and many times can not stop the sudden unexpected mishap. Zhuge Liang Liaoshirushen, there are no cause for "Second Table" of the helpless, Qishan, "6" in vain, and even spoke highly of his descendants in the "hearts and minds will be able to counter the side from the consumer, non-belligerent forces known since ancient times", while not No bitterness sigh, "when the trial is not Strict are wrong, never rule Shu think twice." Men are not to err too? "Off" then "lost", the "wrong", then lost like four. "Off" in the Troops, will lose the aircraft; "off" in employment, it will undermine the cause; "off" in self-cultivation, they will gaze intently false future; "off" in support of, will be confused state of mind.
Failure is one thing, admit defeat is another. Failure is the fact that the failure of courage. Defeated, may be sympathetic; bold words fail, more worthy of respect. "Defeated the will not to speak of courage," but words can not lose. While failure is not worth showing off, not seen anyone from drums and gongs to celebrate the defeat. But can calmly accept defeat, cool and objective analysis of the causes and consequences of failure, if not say "glorious defeat", at least be called a "while abortion something to"; if sometimes fail because of lack of wisdom, then the bold statement lose at least not stupid.
Defeated courage to taste the pleasure of self-knowledge; bold statement defeat, poised to demonstrate tolerance.
May wish to look at people and things around a little look at the battlefield, shopping malls, officialdom, casino, gets the most respect, and are often not those winners, but those who smile the face of failure take it lightly. A calm, "I lose", will win the attention of a packed ceremonyFF14 Power leveling

Unfortunately, some people dare not face failure, but dare not admit defeat. And the higher status, the greater the fame, the more love to make such faults. Won, 100 reasons in 99 is its own ability; failed, one hundred percent because God gets up, people familiar with this sort of thing. Flaw of the ink was dry, defeated voice still ringing in our ears move, mentioning the person is already good, more "positive to negative articles," The skilled of you, the hero defeats down the tree, look for bright spots defeat revealed. "Comeback" ability to whining and face in the crowd can offer.
Failure may be sad, but not terrible; cover up failure not only terrifying, but also shameful.
There is a story, the two top players demonstrate their swordsmanship, for three days and three nights, regardless of heights. Swords, brilliant idea stacks up. Finally, both it appears, while Bao Quan said that failure. Who is the first martial arts into rivers and lakes Mystery.
The two masters are the winner. Their victory not only see each other's flaws, but found his lost strokes. The breaking of a failure, sufficient to cause each other to death. But they did not. Thousands of rounds of battle, they realize the highest state of victory: courage Defeated.
Bold statement defeat, had first conquered themselves, gain and loss of heart, honor the concerns, advance and retreat of suffering, in fear sink gently down. No force in the world can completely defeat a victory over themselves.
Never give up the East is Red, once the decline, they fall into the abyss beyond redemption. And offer themselves for a defeat of the isolated situation, but it became the first martial arts opponents fresh every person.
Victory or defeat is standard issue. Since it is common, it should be treated as treated as the victory of food and clothing; like to talk about landscapes like to talk about victory or defeat. The faster pace of life, the greater the social pressure, the stronger competitor, the more factors of failure, the more we need people with good psychological quality, which is to be good to beCheap FF14 Gil

lost, the courage Defeated. Encourage laid-off workers have a song "on the success or failure, life heroic, just start all over again." Face "start all over again", and is more than laid-off workers, each of us do not do the same? Love, career, family, work ... ... every step on the road of life, are likely to fall, hit a snag, was unexpected, and each setback enlighten us in: fear lose only chance of winning; afraid of defeat, winning only hope.
Chu boundary line is drawn, vault out of the bus. Have arrived the occasion, take the lead when the gun fight, besieged, attacked front and rear, jumped out of a chessboard step of games on the true meaning of contentment: solid gratifying victory, defeat also pleased.FFXIV Power leveling
Things such as chess, toss, and the ultimate winner, and must be made by the brave people who lost.

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Bold Defeated
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