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 A broken bucket Inspiration

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PostSubject: A broken bucket Inspiration   A broken bucket Inspiration Icon_minitimeFri Sep 03, 2010 1:16 am

Question in mind: If we remember with a tolerant heart, know how to find each other's strengthsFFXIV Power leveling
, and to avoid weaknesses, our lives will become more relaxed and happy and colorful.
A farmer with two buckets with a pole on his daily two lug buckets to the river Kap Shui.
2 only one bucket, there is a crack, so each home will always be missed when only the bucket was only half-baked, and the other barrel is always full. In this way, two years, day after day, farmers fear from the river every day to go home only half a bucket of water.
Intact barrel is perfect for their extraordinary pride, but there are cracks in the barrels for their natural flaws and can not be qualified to work ashamed. After two years of failed, one day the river, there are cracks in the barrel finally summoned the courage to host opened its mouth: "I feel very embarrassed, because my side cracks, leaks along the way, only half-baked home fear . "
It said the farmer replied: "You noticed? Your side of the road along the blossom, but the other side FF14 Power levelingdid not take? I know you from the beginning tainted, which was in your side of the road along the sprinkled Seed. we carry water on the way home every day, you give them water. for two years, I often pick flowers from the roadside to dress my table. If not for your so-called defect, how do I have beautiful flowers dress up my house? "
Each of us is like that only the crack of drums, each with one kind or another are inadequacies and shortcomings. If we remember with an inclusive heart, know how to find each other's strengths, and to avoid weaknesses, our lives will become more relaxed and happy and colorful.
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A broken bucket Inspiration
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