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 Efforts of a multi-

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Efforts of a multi- Empty
PostSubject: Efforts of a multi-   Efforts of a multi- Icon_minitimeTue Sep 07, 2010 8:43 pm

A pair of workers from the countryside toCheap FF14 Gil
the city's sA pair of workers from the countryside to the city's sister, after twists and turns Caibei a gift companies to find the salesman.
They are not regular customers, and no relationship can only mention a heavy day clock, album, cups, lamps and various arts and crafts samples, along city streets to find a buyer. Five months later, they ran their legs off, worn mouth still full of run into a wall, not even a key chain to sell out.
Disappointed many times worn the patience of the last of my sister, her sister made to the resignation of two people together, re-find a way out. Sister, everything is hard in the beginning, and then insist on a while, pleased to hear there next harvest. Despite the retention of sister sister, decided to leave that companyrunescape gold.
The next day, the sisters went out together. Advertisement in accordance with the guidance of his sister around to find a job, my sister is still carrying samples around looking for customers. That evening, two men returned to rental Shique are two state of mind: sister job without success, to sell her sister was holding back his career in the first order. A sister, four-door had opened a company to recruit a large meeting to order 250 sets of her exquisite handicrafts as souvenirs of the participants, the total value of more than 200,000 yuan. Sister, so get two million commission, Amoy to wage the first bucket of gold. Since then, the sister of performance rising orders came one after another.
Six years later, her sister not only has the car, also has more than 100 square meters of housing and their own gift company. And sister, adding that the work has a revolving door for an even dressing her sister have to rely on food assistance.
Sister to sister to ask the true meaning of success. Sister said: "In fact, the whole secret of my success is that I have more time than you work."
Only a difference of one to ah, the original talent quite the same opportunities and sisters, since embarked on a very different way of life.
Not just the sister, the number of results for brilliant figures, initial success also stemmed from "a work moreBuy FF14 Gil


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Efforts of a multi-
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