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 Each has its use

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Each has its use Empty
PostSubject: Each has its use   Each has its use Icon_minitimeThu Sep 09, 2010 2:24 am

One day, eyes, nose and mouth in a meeting. Everyone on the eyebrow in protest. Eye and said: "what use eyebrows? Why should our above? Looking eyes can see things, if I do not see, even walking to die!" Nose heard not convinced: "My nose can smell incense and stink? feel the most sensitive, What kind of eyebrows? how FF14 Power leveling

it can stand on top of us? "
After hearing these words, I have refused to accept, and to muster the mouth, said: "I face the most important calculation to find the most useful! Me who are not survive FFXIV Power leveling
without eating. I should be on top. The most eyebrow useless, he should stand in the bottom better! "eyes, nose and mouth are in dispute with each other mouth, eyebrows issued on a protest indignantly.
Hearing eyebrows, calmly said to them: "If you think that they have the most useful, then I'll be right below you!"
Said, eyes, eyebrows would go under, then to the nose, to mouth, the result of people think that ugly, had decided to let the eyebrows go back to the same place, there seems more suitable.
In fact, many people are suffering from a fault, to take ourselves too seriously, and claims that everything the best, while others are all better than their own, more pleasing to the eye can see only their own, this is very wrong, because every world individuals have some advantages for us all. Therefore, we must "take others long. Make up their own short," so as to involve personnel engaged in the sale of the business complex when more competent, more enjoyable!rs gold
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Each has its use
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