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 Angels fly

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PostSubject: Angels fly   Angels fly Icon_minitimeSat Sep 11, 2010 12:40 am

Many of the world, things are not so clear, in a medical school, and her plum actually sleep the other five friends to the same hospital internship. Because they are learning the same profession, they are arranged in obstetrics and gynecology practice. Learning to live together in school, they can practice together, which makes six sisters are very happyBuy FF14 Gil
. But did not take long, a question placed six sisters brutally in front of the hospital can only retain the last one.
Can stay in the province that the highest levels of the hospital is a common desire for six sisters, but they had to face, "have you no me, I am not you," the fierce competition and elimination. Close to graduation day draws near, the fight between six sisters, more and more intense, but they have always inspired each other, mutual blessing. Hospital to determine which one was retained, an examination was held, the results came out, face the same excellent six sisters, the hospital did not know how to choose a time. But the reality is, the hospital can only retain one.
Six sisters, said their homes have been started in the provinces, preferring to return home after graduation; some people simply say that the little home town has been the hospital agreed to receive ... ... a beautiful lie she moved to an another person.
That day, six sisters have suddenly received a similar emergency notification, a mother must be produced, the hospital in need of immediate medical treatment to her home. Six sisters, hurried on the floor of the ambulance. A vice president, a director of a doctor, six intern, two nurses at the same time to rescue a mother to be so grand battle for an unprecedented six sisters feel the tension. It was whispered president, what kind of people, need such launching a campaign? President simply explained: "This maternal identity and circumstances will be special, so you have to also let you all do not miss this opportunity you can learn to be a serious observation. "interior silence. Mothers at home are remote, turn left turn right ambulance finally arrived, the mother has to endure when his head sweat. Maternal health care personnel are busy divvying to be carried to an ambulance and found a problem, the car has people who suffer, when their husbands get up the mountain was. People know that when mothers arrived at the hospital for emergency treatment, is not no relatives around to complete some formalities related. People are subconsciously Cheap FF14 Gil. "look to the vice president, vice president of the bow to be a maternity check, none of lift head when he said: "fast cars!" Everyone Zhengzhu the. Do not know what to do. At this time, plums suddenly jumped off the car, signaled the car to be the mother's husband. Ambulance bound for maneuvering to the hospital, such as plum panting back to the hospital, is already half an hour after the. Outside the hospital, she was vice president to participate in first aid stopped, Vice-President asked her: "such a rare opportunity to learn why you jumped off the car?" Plum wiping the sweat from his brow replied: "the car so many doctors, nurses, lack of emergency treatment will not affect me. However, no patient's family, could have brought the need of rescue. "
3 days later, the hospital retained the outcome, and plum as lucky. Dean stated the reason: "3 days ago was an accident that a first aid test. Future, no matter where you go, no matter what kind of occupation, should remember that word, angels can fly because of their own very lightlyrs gold

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Angels fly
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